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ReactJS- the Way to Build Highly Interactive Web Apps

ReactJS has taken the world of JavaScript frameworks by storm since the time it was first launched. Today, ReactJS is booming in the technology world and has become one of the most used libraries amongst many available on the internet.

The most cherished feature in ReactJS that obligates many companies to hire best React Js developers for their project is its compatibility with multiple platforms such as Android and iOS. Thus, an application can be built for any platform conveniently when using ReactJS.

ReactJS is a UI library that shares the same features as a front-end framework, but it targets to turn the HTML elements into components. Also, using React Native makes it possible for developers to create Native applications for mobile phones.

Many giants such as Netflix, BBC, Instagram, Yahoo, PayPal, and others are using the incredible technology to enrich their applications with aesthetics and user likability.
In a report shared by Similar Tech, ReactJS is highly used in the US, followed by Japan, China, Russia, the UK, etc.

When ReactJS is compared to other frameworks, it can be noticed that others often lack in terms of complex coding required for the development of individual comments. On the other hand, ReactJS has proved itself as an efficient technology that allows developers to reuse the code. This results in the development of cost-effective and high-performing projects.

If you are also planning to attain the great benefits of ReactJS, you can always hire dedicated ReactJS developers and get started with your project. It is easy to add up your name to the long list of esteemed organizations using React when you have a professional by your side to help you out.

Still not sure whether ReactJS is a good deal or not? We’ll help you clear your head.

Reasons to choose ReactJS:

There are many reasons why ReactJS is the best bet for your project. However, the following points are most liked by developers.

● Development is easy:

ReactJS has made the entire development process convenient. It is a simple framework that helps build up dynamic and interactive web pages. ReactJS can code better with the HTML string. Many developers working in React use JSX, enabling the syntax to allow HTML tags and HTML quotes to provide particular sub components. It can also merge the components into a one-time variable file and facilitate yet maintain codes readable by a machine.

● Reusability of Components:

Reusability of code is one aspect of any technology that is appreciated by each developer. ReactJS allows the developers to reuse the components used in other applications sharing the same set of functionalities and features.

● Easy to Adapt:

If you are entering the development field, there could be nothing better than ReactJS on an excellent start. It is more comfortable and convenient to learn, adapt, and finally use it for your project. You can even hire a novice developer when working with ReactJS, thus cutting out your projects’ hiring costs. You just have to find a developer who is familiar with JavaScript and bam! Your work is done.

● Lightweight Virtual DOM:

The newly featured and updated ReactJS have their own virtual DOM (Document Object Model). DOM refers to a platform-independent API that works with HTML, XHTML, or XML in a tree-like structure. When the updated DOM is re-rendered, ReactJS works as an intermediate element. Therefore, it can determine the changes implemented in the DOM.

It has proven extremely beneficial for developing smart user interfaces.

● SEO is its mate:

Most developers avoid working with other JavaScript frameworks as they are not SEO friendly. However, that’s no problem with ReactJS. The hassle of organizations to avoid suffering to achieve a greater ranking on search engines can be avoided with the incredible JS library.
Backed by thorough research and a lot of improvement, Facebook launched ReactJS to build UIs that can work flawlessly and quickly on multiple search engines.

● Robust Support by Facebook:

ReactJS is a popular open-source library; therefore, many developers worldwide have associated their names with it. Fortunately, the library has a robust community of developers backing it and providing solutions to every query faced by an entrepreneur or a novice developer during app development. It is also supported by the esteemed company “Facebook.”
So if you encounter any issue, you know that a powerful company and its incredible developers are here to support you.


So what’s the wait? ReactJS is smart, intuitive, and interactive. Apart from this, it offers multiple benefits like a dynamic user interface, reusable codes, and whatnot.

Thus, we believe the skepticism revolving around whether or not you should choose ReactJS for your project must have vanished till now. If not, you can always hire independent developers and take consultation from them- this will provide you with a customized approach enabling you to make an informed decision.