Change Permalink Structure WordPress

How to change the permalink structure in WordPress for a page or post?

What is Permalink?

How to Change Permalink Structure in WordPress: A permalink is referred to as a short or permanent link and this is basically the URL of the page there on the website. The permalink structure includes your domain name, plus a slug- slug is the part of the URL that follows the domain name. Furthermore, it is very much important for one to check that their permalinks are SEO friendly and good. But now the question arises how one can change out these permalinks? Don’t you worry, this is the only thing that you are going to learn through this article? Through this article, you will get to know in detail how to change post URL in WordPress? Have a look to have all the information:

Why is there a need to change the permalink structure?

As discussed above, the permalink structure is something that is very highly recommendable for your site structure. So it is very much important to set permalinks WordPress. If you set the default permalink structure then a notice will appear on the screen that will recommend you change the permalink. Hence, this is the only reason why you should go to change it down. Let’s discuss further how to change it down.


How to change the WordPress permalink structure?

If you want to change the whole URL generation scheme for your website, then you will have to go to the settings, permalinks page and then proceed down with the work. After that, you will have to select the URL structure for all the individual posts of yours. You can also use the tags there on the screen so that you can easily create the custom structure for all your WordPress URLs.

After everything gets finished don’t forget to click on the save and update button. If you will not press them out then the settings will not get changed. So, remember this tip out as it is very much important for you.

How to change category and tag URL prefix in WordPress?

By default, WordPress uses category as the base of category URLs and for tag pages. For changing down these base prefixes you can easily go to the settings, permalinks page, and then can do anything from there that you like. Go and change the category and tag URL prefix, then let us know if our information helped you out or not.

How to change individual WordPress post or page URL?

Once you get up with the permalink structure setup, WordPress will use it down as a template for all the links on your site. However, you are having no option to modify the URL custom slug WordPress which means everything inside the URL structure for individual posts, pages, and custom post types. If you want to change it down then you can change the slug URL from the post edit screen inside the WordPress content editor.

Simply, you will have to edit the post, page, custom post type, and the title field as well. Furthermore, you will notice that the permalink tab is there on the top. Go and click on the edit and save button, if you want to save the settings down.

How can one completely customize custom WordPress custom permalinks?

These above-mentioned methods will help you out in changing the permalinks to a certain level but will not help down completely. If you want to completely customize them out then have a look at this method. This functionality is not offered by WordPress by default but yes there is a plugin that can help you out in this. Let’s discuss deeper:

The first thing that you need to do is to install and activate the plugin of custom permalinks. If you don’t know how to install it down then you refer to the guide for installing this plugin. After this upon the activation, you need to edit the post on which you need to create the custom permalink. Therefore, instead of editing the field at the top, you will find the option to create a custom below the editor.

Similarly, you can create custom permalinks for the categories. Go to the post, categories page and from there you can click on edit and change down all the settings, according to your needs and choices. Furthermore, on the category page, you will find the option to create a custom permalink from here only you can create a URL without the category base prefix. You can easily manage and disable the settings by clicking on the ‘Custom Permalinks’ on the menu. Just go ahead and change the permalink structure.

Therefore, this is all about how to change the permalink of a page in WordPress. If you want to have more information regarding then let us know through the comments. We will try to connect up with you with some new methods as well, till the get in touch with us for having more exciting articles like this.