how to use obs studio

A perfect guide to learn how to use OBS to record! The ultimate OBS Studio tutorial!

Are you guys looking for the ultimate OBS studio tutorial? Are you still searching for the best guide to learn how to use OBS Studio to record or want to get some useful information about how to stream on YouTube with OBS? If you want such information, then you are at the right place. At this blog post, you can get useful information regarding the OBS studio tutorial.

What do you mean by the term OBS?

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is software that allows you to do live streams on desktop. OBS is free and powerful software. If you are looking for an OBS studio tutorial, then you are in the right place. We will explain to you properly about the OBS software and its usage. Have a look at the OBS studio tutorial.

How to use OBS studio?

Using up OBS studio is very simple and easy. You have to follow a few steps for using this software. Have a look to know how to use OBS studio.

STEP 1: First of all, you have to download the OBS studio from the official site. After that, you have to click on right for OBS shortcut.
STEP 2: Then select “Run as administrator” in the OBS studio.
STEP 3: Before connecting OBS to stream you will have to select the parameters of stream. To do so, you have to click on the Settings option on the bottom right-hand corner. After that, you will have to access the video tab on the left side menu.
STEP 4: The fourth step is to choose the resolution that will capture footage and stream at. You should choose the frame rate also that you want to broadcast. The most important thing is that your internet upload speed can handle it.

Now you have to access the video and select your desired video Bitrate. Therefore, this is how to use OBS studio.

How can a person record with OBS on PC or Mac?
If you want to know how to record with OBS, then you have to follow the steps mentioned below. Have a look to know. Follow the steps below –
1: The first step of how to record with OBSis that you have to open the OBS studio on your PC or Mac. After that, you have to go-to sources and click on plus over there. It is on the bottom left corner.
2: After that, a list will open, you will have to select the display capture from there. Then a warning will appear “Make source available.” You will have to click ok on that.
3: Therefore, the third step is that you have to select the display that you want to be recorded.
4: Then you have to adjust the volume according to your needs.
5: Now, you are fully ready. You can click on start recording now. As soon as recording gets complete you will have to stop the recording. This is how to use OBS to record.

Hence, these above-mentioned are the steps that will help you in solving your problem of (how to use OBS to record).

How to record android screen with OBS?

First of all download and install the OBS studio. Download it from the official page and install it according to the instructions of your OS. After launching the setup of OBS, you can make a quick setup from screen recording, it will help you in how to record screen using OBS. Now, we will tell you about how to use the OBS screen recorder.

When you launch the OBS it will give you some subsequent tutorial. It will be there in the scene added by default. You can easily see it on the bottom left corner. Hence, before starting up with recording you will have to add source. As soon as the scene gets selected you will have to click the plus button. After that select screen capture and click on Ok for the next thing that pops out. After all, this goes to settings and choose the output tab. Now you can start with your screen recording. This is how to use the OBS screen recorder.

How to stream on YouTube with OBS?

Some steps are to be followed to stream on YouTube using this OBS studio. Have a look at these steps to know in detail about how to stream on YouTube with OBS.

STEP 1: You can only live stream on YouTube if you are having a verified account. In simple words, it should be linked with your number.
STEP 2: After that head to a dashboard, and select other features followed by the live streaming.
STEP 3: Now you have to fill all your data like name, description, etc. Filling up all the important information is very much necessary. After this your stream settings get complete.

You are now ready to stream on YouTube using OBS.

Therefore, this is all that you should know about the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). To know more, you can drop a comment for us in the comment section below.