Xbox One Vs. PS4

The Xbox One Vs. PS4 Debate, Which one is better

Everyone has a preferred option when it comes to whether they are a bigger fan of the Xbox or the PlayStation. That stays true with the newest generation of these systems, in the form of the Xbox One and the Playstation4. Which one is better? Which one has the better games? It is getting harder to know for sure, but we can take a look at both of them to get a better idea. The Xbox One Vs. PS4 debate is on!

The Specifications

First, the price should be mentioned. The PS4 comes in at $100 cheaper, but does the quality make up for it when it comes to the Xbox One?

Both are Blu-Ray compatible, have the same 8gb of ram, and an 8 Core processor, but the GPU of the PlayStation outshines the Xbox One by a long shot. At the moment, this is true, but Microsoft says they have plans to upgrade the GPU unit to compete. Both will have the same 500gb HDD, but the PS4 does not have a way to store things externally while the Xbox One can use USB devices to store all of your information, saves, data, etc. Overall, they are evenly matched, except for the GPU, which makes it come down to how a gamer feels about the rest of the package.

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The Controller

The controllers have not changed much in their overall design since the last generation of systems. Sony put a lot of effort into enhancing the actual mechanics of their new Dual Shock controller, though.

The analog sticks and triggers have been redesigned in a way that is supposed to be more comfortable while the addition of a speaker and touchscreen bump it up into the new era. For the Xbox One, the same can be said in some respects.

The analog sticks, d-pad, and buttons have all been redesigned, although they are not a far departure from the previous. The addition of a dedicated menu and view button makes it something unique, though, and it can also sync much more easily thanks to a little help from the Kinect 2.0.

The Ways To Play

How To Improve Your Stats On The Fortnite Leaderboard? Both systems have similar or components that copy what Nintendo tried to do with the Wii. The PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect are both improved for this new generation, although not many would argue with the fact that the Kinect is much more powerful.

The PlayStation does have an upper hand in allowing gamers to play their games remotely on their PSVita so that they can walk away from their PlayStation and not even lose their place in the game.

The Games

For a while at least, it seems that they will basically have many of the same games. At launch, this was especially true, but the old days of exclusives are gone for the most part. At some point or another most games will be coming out on both systems, even if they both have different release dates.

Xbox One Vs. PS4

Which one is better? Judging by everything here it might come down to personal preference and nothing more. They are both powerful machines and both have a lot to offer. For someone that wants high levels of interactivity, the Xbox One can have a lot to offer while many hardcore gamer nerds prefer the PS4. Neither group is wrong, but you will have to see which one is right for you.